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"A tradition reborn- for the modern generation"

Dr Sharon Heng

CEO Angel Babybox

Angel Babybox is a careful reinvention of the traditional baby box, transforming into a multifunctional baby crib which has a double lock mechanism and is made with carefully sourced materials, which are safe for babies.  Angel Babybox is a baby crib, baby playmat, a changemat, a travelling cot and a gift box, all in one. 

The traditional baby box is a Finnish tradition for 90 years. Previously,  it was known to help decrease infant mortality rate, now it is a gift box by numerous western governments, including Finland, UK and Canada, signifying equal start of every newborn.  

Following on the tradition of safety, Angel Babybox places especial importance in the safety of our products and the value of safe sleeping habits.  


The simplicity and elegance that the Angel BabyBox embodies provides an enhanced sleep solution that is perfect for your little one. Your baby can sleep next to your bed safely for the first six months of their lives.


Made with safety in mind, Angel Babybox has undergone rigorous testing with its specially designed safety enhancement features.

Certified under the British Standards BSEN1130


An Innovation

World's First 4-in-1 Babycrib

The Angel BabyBox is not just a crib. Our proprietary design features a quick one-step process to transform it from a baby box into a large play mat - the ideal place for your baby to begin crawling. The soft shock-absorbing foam provides a safe place for those inevitable bumps that come as your baby begins to crawl, sit, and stand. 

The Angel BabyBox is water resistant with natural materials and can be used as a changing mat. It can be packed flat and is light enough to be taken anywhere. And of course, your baby will have a familiar place to sleep helping everyone to get a good night’s sleep, no matter where you are.


We have sourced the softest materials for the manufacture of this baby crib. They are non-toxic, gentle and perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. A neutral, earth-toned colour has been chosen especially for its calming effects on your little one. And it is, of course, the perfect addition to any nursery, blending well with any colour scheme.


Why you will LOVE the Angel Babybox



The Angel BabyBox is a baby crib, play mat, dressing mat and can be given as a gift box and kept as a storage box after use.


Non Toxic and Luxurious

The materials chosen for Angel BabyBox has been specially chosen to ensure it is safe for your baby. We use only non toxic EVA foam and soft and luxurious 100% natural cotton.


Certified Safe

The Angel BabyBox is certified safe by British Standards BSEN 1130 for domestic cribs and cots with our enhanced safety features.


FeatherLite Reinforced Foam

The Angel BabyBox features a lightweight and flexible foam reinforced by a polypropylene layer with square honeycomb profile, providing optimal lightness, comfort, strength and durability.


Travel At Ease

Angel BabyBox is compact, easy to assemble, and easy to transport in its carry case. Just fold, carry and go!  Go mobility!


Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomically designed with a wide opening to base to allow easy carrying of baby in and out of the box.

"Practically Perfect in Every Way"
Mary Poppins
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